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How It All Started

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful realization: engagement is the cornerstone of growth. We recognized the untapped potential of gamification in the digital landscape and set out to transform passive interactions into dynamic, rewarding experiences.


By combining cutting-edge technology with our passion for innovation, we crafted solutions that not only captivate audiences but also foster brand loyalty.

Ready to revolutionize your customer engagement strategy? The first step is as simple as requesting a demo with us. By doing so, you'll get an exclusive, hands-on look at how our advanced gamification tools can transform your business. 

Request a Demo

Our visionary team of industry veterans with over 40 years of combined experience believes in the power of gamification to unlock unlimited potential for businesses.


We are passionate about creating innovative solutions that entertain and engage customers, and we are dedicated to bringing new levels of success to the industry.

Promofy Founders

Irakli Davarashvili

Co-Founder / CEO

Vakho Mdivani

Co-Founder / CPO

Misho Janiashvili

Co-Founder / CTO

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