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Engage Sports Fans with Free-to-Play Games: From Promotion Games to Outcome Predictions

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Acquire and retain customers with increased engagement with a help of our pre-build games, transform your customers into super fans

Build, schedule and deploy games at lightspeed, test and track performance to view latest stats in real time.

Hyper Speed & Analytics

our platform helps you bespoke our games to your brand, and host contents in different languages and regions

Customize & Localize

Choose from list of options and make your picks to win. Simple, engaging, and perfect for any event or occasion.

Free to Play

How Free 2 Play works?

Free-to-Play prediction games operate on a model where users can participate without any upfront cost.


Players make score predictions for a set number of sports matches, aiming to accurately forecast outcomes.


While the game itself is free, the platform generates revenue through partnerships, sponsorships, and repeated on-site engagement


Successful predictions may lead to cash prizes or other rewards, making it an engaging and accessible experience for a wide audience.

How To Implement Free 2 Play Modules Into My Platform?

Begin your journey with us by experiencing the tool's capabilities firsthand. Reach out, we'll arrange a comprehensive demonstration tailored to your industry and needs.

1. Request a Demo

Watch as the tool elevates your user engagement, retention, and conversion rates. Monitor real-time analytics, receive regular reports, and continually optimize for even greater success.

4. Reap The Gains

Make the tool truly yours. Customize its aesthetics and functionalities to align perfectly with your brand's identity and objectives. Our team guides you through every customization option available.

3. Customization

Once you're on board, our team collaborates with yours to set up the foundational elements of the tool. We ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems and platforms.

2. Implementation

Don't worry we got you covered.

Still got questions?

  • Our Free 2 Play modules encompass a variety of games and interactions, including Promotion Gamification, Pick'ems, and Guess the Outcome challenges.​

  • These modules drive engagement and user retention, increasing the likelihood of conversions. They can also be monetized directly through ads or indirect means like data collection.

  • Yes, all our Free 2 Play modules are designed to be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across devices, including mobiles.​

  • Absolutely! Our modules allow for integrated brand messaging, ensuring both user engagement and brand visibility.​

  • Yes, our platform includes verification mechanisms to ensure genuine user participation and prevent potential misuse.

Use Case 01

Use Case 02

Use Case 03

Explore the engaging world of our Free 2 Play module, designed specifically for the iGaming and sports betting industries. This module enhances user experience by offering a variety of interactive, risk-free game types like Pick'em, Correct Score, and Event Outcome. It's the perfect tool to attract new players, provide value to existing ones, and collect insightful data on user preferences, all while amplifying the excitement and engagement of your platform.

Use Cases

Ready to revolutionize your customer engagement strategy? The first step is as simple as requesting a demo with us. By doing so, you'll get an exclusive, hands-on look at how our advanced gamification tools can transform your business. 

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1. Choose a Promotion

Pick from 100+ Gamified pre-build campaign mechanics and 100+ design templates

2. Customize a Promotion

all-in-one campaign builder enables you to customize mechanics and content to further tailor it to your needs

3. Analyze your Promotion

get detailed overview after launching your promotion

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